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The newest edition of Marin Villages' VOICE is available.   Click the link below to read or download a copy:  VOICE - Spring 2015
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Participate or donate - we'll be in the Marin Human Race on May 9th. Members and volunteers from Marin Villages will be walking/running 5K around Civic Center.  Show your support!   Click here for the link to our webpage.

Marin Villages' mission is simple -  to help seniors remain in their homes and communities as they age independently, with dignity and grace.  As part of the nationwide Village Movement, Marin Villages recognizes the need to offer older adults an alternative when deciding how and where they would like to age and provide opportunities for them to remain socially engaged.

Rather than depend on agencies or public services, members and volunteers of Marin Villages lean on each other to make life's simple tasks - like driving to the store, changing out batteries on a smoke detector, or learning the newest app on your iPad - still manageable.

By matching neighbor to neighbor, not only do we alleviate some daily stress, but we provide opportunities to build new friendships, develop interests and utilize skills and knowledge.

If you'd like to speak with someone from Marin Villages, please give us a call at

Marin Villages is a non-profit 501(c)(3).  In order for Marin Villages to remain inclusive and thrive, contributions beyond membership are needed and gratefully acknowledged.