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Steering Team
• Connie Dubin
Members and Volunteers:
• Sue Steele, Chair Members
• Karen Robbins, Chair Volunteers
• Meredith Bruce
• Sara Byruck
• Barbara Jacobs
Programs and Communications:
• Alan Frankel, Chair
• Cathy Dunlap
• Jane Matthewman
• Karen Robbins
About Us

Mill Valley Village is part of a growing national movement dedicated to helping seniors remain in their homes and maintain active, independent lifestyles. We are a volunteer-driven membership organization that couples old-fashioned neighborliness with modern know-how to provide important services and enhance quality of life. We offer interesting programs and valuable benefits to our members and are active in the broader Mill Valley community. Our parent organization, Marin Villages, maintains a small professional staff to coordinate key services, such as fielding phone calls and matching volunteers with member requests, for Villages across Marin County.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

How does Mill Valley Village work?  Once you become a member, a simple phone call to our central Marin Villages office allows you to access a variety of services.  For example, if you need a ride to the doctor or grocery store, someone to walk the dog, assistance with paperwork, a check-in phone call or visit, our professional staff will make arrangements with an appropriate local volunteer.

Marin Villages also maintains an extensive listing of professional service providers, many offering special member discounts. Need a home healthcare provider? A plumber? An attorney? A handyman? We can help.

For those wanting more than just services, Mill Valley Village is establishing a range of social activities that reflect the wide interests of our members. Don't want to go out to lunch by yourself, or want to explore a new interest?  Connect to another member and you've made a new friend.  To start, we have created a few programs, such as a lunch group that samples interesting local restaurants, a walking group, and monthly coffee events at the Sweetwater.  Feel free to bring a friend!  In addition, our members link to other stimulating programs and trips, such as outings to art galleries and music performances.  We are creating programs to provide practical advice about health, wellness, financial concerns, home safety and more.

What fascinates you? What expertise would you like to share? Explore our website to browse our activities and share your ideas for our Village.
Interested in Volunteering?

Mill Valley Village welcomes volunteers of all ages, talents and interests. Whether you have a unique skill to offer or can contribute a specific block of hours to help others, let us match your time and talents with someone who needs them, or engage in an activity you're passionate about sharing. You do not have to be a member to volunteer. To get involved or learn more about volunteer opportunities, call Karen Robbins at 415-519-3420.

Life is Rich.  Enjoy It With Us!

Mill Valley Village is a place to belong, to matter, to connect with old and new friends and to grow. Affordable membership dues are $365 annually for individuals or $450 for households, with monthly payment options available as well as scholarships for income qualified. Become a member today. For more information, call Sue Steele at 415-388-7832. We look forward to connecting with you!

Download our Mill Valley Village brochure here.