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To download the volunteer applications:

All Volunteers:
Volunteer Application

Volunteer Drivers only:
Volunteer Pledge

Below is a copy of our volunteer manual for reference and guidance:
Volunteer Manual

Why volunteer for Marin Villages?
  • Volunteer when YOU have time
  • Choose YOUR own assignments
  • Fit volunteering into YOUR lifestyle
  • Help seniors in YOUR community
  • There are no time requirements
  • There are no set schedules
  • And it's incredibly rewarding!

Do you have a few hours each month?  We would like to hear from you!   Give us a call at 415-457-4633 or email us at


Volunteer and Join In!!


The Volunteer Dashboard Pilot is moving out of 'pilot' mode

and into production!! 


Key to our ability to successfully fulfill members' requests and meet expectations is providing an efficient, easy means for volunteers to review and accept possible assignments. As such, we are piloting a new volunteer dashboard. Through this platform, volunteers will be able to quickly view any assignments they have accepted, as well as review open requests.  If a volunteer is able to assist with a request, he/she can accept it online and receive immediate confirmation.

On June 1st, we started a pilot program with Homestead and Mill Valley Villages, allowing volunteers in those villages to sign up for assignments through the dashboard.   This has gone so smoothly that we included Tiburon Peninsula Village mid-June.   Now we are planning on rolling this dashboard functionality out to the rest of our local villages - starting August 1st.    

This volunteer dashboard will be 'live' and accessible 24/7.   Volunteers can access the site through a link in the daily email or through the site's URL -

If you'd like to speak with someone from Marin Villages, please give us a call at 415-457-4633.

Below is a video of our 2016 Volunteer Recognition Party - Don't You Want to Be There Next Year!!!